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Tzolkin perspektívák

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A'oleah Eara (a.k.a. Glenda Landry)

The Harmonic Concordancelink


Imagine an advanced culture, a culture that understood the mathematics of the universe. A culture that understood the ebb and flow of cycles. A culture that knew its grandeur would end and be reborn. The powerful energies of the ceremonial centers had shifted. It was time to leave. The centuries passed, the jungle cloaked the grand cities. The knowledge remained in the silence of stones. Waiting. Open your heart. Listen with your soul. The Maya are calling. It is time. It is time. It is time.

With loving dedication the indigenous people preserved the calendars, each representing different cycles of life. Within the cycle of the Tzolk’in, the sacred calendar, we understand the interaction between spirit and physical. The Tzolk’in contains two wheels. The smaller wheel contains thirteen numbers and represents spirit. There are some that say thirteen is the number of God. The larger wheel contains twenty hieroglyphs and represents physical.

The numbers are the tones of creation.
Hun, one, we begin.
Ca, two, we make space for the new.
Ox, three, we create.
Can, four, structure begins.
Ho, five, integrate.
Uac, six, stabilize.
Uc, seven, access the unknown.
Vaxac, eight, establish patterns.
Bolon, nine, establish grid.
Lahun, ten, intention becomes physical.
Hun Lahun, eleven, evolution.
Ca Lahun, twelve, knowledge gathered.
Ox Lahun, thirteen, achieve ascension.
And the cycle begins again.

The steps of soul evolution are represented by the twenty hieroglyphs. Imix, ee meesh, Dragon, is the primordial void from which all possibilities emerge, female. Ik, eek, Wind, brings in communication (the word) and humor, masculine. Akbal, ak bal, Night, form begins. Kan, kan, Seed, burst into creation. Chicchan, cheek chan, Serpent, have the courage to be you. Cimi, kee mee, Worldbridger, release that which no longer serves. Manik, man eek, Hand, recognize the healer within us all. Lamat, la mat, Star, learn to love yourself. Muluc, moo look, Moon, express pure emotions. Oc, oak, Dog, love unconditionally. Chuen, chu wen, Monkey, playfulness. Eb, eb, Human, recognize that spiritually is expressed in all areas of life. Ben, ben, Skywalker, unify spirit and physical. Ix, ee sh, Wizard, accept your power with humbleness. Men, men, Eagle, connect telepathy. Cib, keeb, Warrior, step forward fearlessly. Caban, ca ban, Earth, assist the planet in her evolution. Etznab, ets nab, Mirror, achieve balance. Cauac, ka wak, Storm, gather strength. Ahau, a how, Sun, enlightenment. And we begin again.

November 9, 2003 – Ox Lahun (13) Ahau – Yellow Cosmic Sun

Imagine being able to move forward from an inner space of compassion and non-judgment. These are the attributes Ox Lahun Ahau represents.

As we evolved we acquired skills for navigating this level of physical. The majority of these skills exist in the emotional body. If it is your choice, and it is a choice each must make individually, it is time to use these skills to move our perspective from the third dimension of physical to a higher level, fifth and above. All levels exist simultaneously. (Careful, remember, one level is not necessarily better than another. “Better than” is judgment and therefore third dimensional thinking.) An example of dimensions existing simultaneously is when your neighbor is caught up in a third dimensional trauma drama of the “heavier” emotions and you are able to observe from the higher dimensional state of compassion without getting hooked into their drama. Congratulations, each time you are able to accomplish this you are ascending to a higher perspective.

An important part of compassion is to honor the choices of another without judgment. To think we know what is best for another is third dimensional thinking. Maybe what we have a tendency to judge as “bad” is perfect for that soul’s higher evolution. With fifth and higher dimensional thinking we trust enough to allow others their individually chosen path of soul evolution.

Ahau, the Sun, allows the light of Spirit to radiate from every cell in not only the physical body but the other subtle bodies as well. (Meditate on the image and discover your own message(s) from Ahau.) Ox Lahun (13) tells us it is time to ascend to the next level.

In some parts of the world Harmonic Concordance begins on Ca Lahun (12) Cauac moving to Ox Lahun (13) Ahau a few hours later. Ca Lahun gathers the knowledge we have gained and Cauac, the Storm, gathers strength by maintaining a calm center.

It was with much excitement I realized Harmonic Concordance lines up with the ending of a Tzolk’in cycle. The rotation of the two wheels of the Tzolk’in creates a never-ending spiral, repeating every 260 days. With each repeat we, as a universe, express at a higher level of evolution. We are nearing a time when the expression reaches a peak and begins again at a whole new level, a new age, ascension, shift of the ages, to use a few phrases that describe what is happening. The accepted date of the ending of the Mayan calendar is 2012. This date ends a cycle that began approximately 3113 BC. And then . . . we begin another cycle.

We have had many, many, many cycles to learn to accept our power and sovereignty. It is time to embrace that power and create a whole new world. Are you ready? Clearly I hear your answer, Yes!

These last years before the end of the cycle we are seeing many phenomenal energetic events occur to accelerate the energy to catapults us to this next step. All can feel the changes. Many are dedicated to assisting this jump in evolution.

As we live life fully present in each moment, connecting with the natural cycles, we will succeed in this grand leap. We do not succeed alone. All levels of creation are affected, offered an opportunity to make new choices.

In Lak’ech (I am another yourself, we are one),

aeoleah ekkor

Recommended reading, books focused on the Tzolk’in:

Jose Arguelles, The Mayan Factor, The Arcturus Probe, Dreamspell, The Call of Pacal Votan, and Telektonon.
John Major Jenkins, Tzolkin and Maya Cosmogenesis 2012.
Mary Fran Koppa, The Mayan Calendar Birthday Book.
Bruce Scofield, Day-Signs.
Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner, The Mayan Oracle.
Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, Mayan Astrology and The Mayan Daykeeper.

Note: As you explore the Mayan Calendar you will notice that the counts do not always agree. I think of it as house systems in Astrology. They are all valid. It’s a matter of which one works for you. I use the count published by Jose Arguelles.

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