Merxte from Spain has been a driving force in clarifying the practice worldwide, and was one of the main facilitators of the synchr
onotron event in Mexico last year. Mike and Cecilia from Holland have the capacity to clarify many points in the meditation and vis
ualization practices, as well as the theoretical knowledge base. Veronique and Paul have been the creators of the Synchronometer in

French for many years, and have a deep understanding of the Law of Time. This team assures a practical approach to the profound ne
w material of Valum Votan. In combination with a clear practice manual, containing all the basic codes, video material of the origi
nal presentation of Valum Votan, and a lively experience of the actual practice, this event will be a very good opportunity to info
rm yourself of the new practices, and to deepen your understanding of it.

The language spoken will be English, French and Spanish!!! 

Since it not always easy in these times to come together because of the turbulent times we live in, it might take a long while befo
re another such event will take place...take that into account.

Topics that will be covered are:
  •  the 441 matrices
    • Were does it come from, how does it work, how to use them on a daily basis, how to empower yourself in selfstudy. 

  •  Cosmic History Chronicles
    • Especially volume 5, 6 and 7 are entirely based on the Synchronotron 441 codes. What do the books represent. How to make a meaningf
ul study of the books. (even if you don't have the books, we'll provide some key charts and maps to work with, which will give you
a lot more comprehension when you read them later)

  •  The measure (441) and movement (13:20) of Hunab K'u
    • The coming of the One true Religion of Hunab K'u mentioned in the prophecies of the Chillam Balam. Hunab K'u is defined as the One
Giver of Measure and Movement. We are familiar with the movement of the 13:20 wheels of time, but the measure - the 441 matrix - ha
s just been made conscious. 

  •  Synchrogalactic Yoga 
    • A simple daily yoga practice involving the basic codes of the Earth Wizard practice combined with the Synchronotron practice.

  •  The Seven postulates of the Galactic Operating System
    • A set of though adjusters that direct your mind towards galactic perceptions and an awareness of your galactic nature

This and more will be condensed in this seven day seminar. Although it will prove to be useful to have some background knowledge of
the Law of Time, the system of Synchronotron is in a way a complete system on it's if you're willing the learn anew, anyo
ne could learn this. Feel free to ask questions if you have doubts about anything. Send your question to:

The days are going fast. This is the last teaching given by Valum Votan to prepare for 2012 and beyond. It is truly his grand synth
esizing work.

for details of lodging, location, fees etc. please send an email.
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